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Butt implants are also known as Butt augmentations. In this process, artificial implants are intramuscularly inserted within the patient’s butt area so as to acquire a proportionate shape. These transplants are usually made from elastomer material that’s flexible, biocompatible and water-tight. They differ in size and shape though one can also request for a custom-made implant to suit their own aesthetic needs. Nevertheless, gluteal butt implants tend to be the most common in surgery and they typically consist of anti-leak silicon.

The butt implant process is carried out only after the patient has been given anesthetic drugs, they are meant to reduce pain given that incisions would be made in the area surrounding one’s fascia muscles. A 4-inch incision would be cut right through the gluteal muscles, this is where the implants would be placed during the clinical operation. Surgeons purposefully choose this area since it renders a natural, round contour to the buttocks and also prevents them from sagging. Another key advantage is that scar tissues would remain hidden in their position without showing off on the outside, once the process is complete surgeons would ensure that the butts are symmetrical to each other and also proportionate. The entire process takes approximately 2 to 3hrs. Though some throbbing may be experienced soon after, painkillers can be administered during the next few days to manage postoperative aching. 

Butt implants cost

The current rates for undergoing this procedure vary between 3500-$8000. Nevertheless, the exact cost depends on factors such as which hospital one is getting their surgery from, the surgeon’s exact rates and pre-consultation charges or post-recovery medical costs. Moreover, after the surgical operation people need to wear a special butt compression garment for 2 weeks and this may cost around $150. Doctors may also recommend that the patient goes for massage or ultrasound treatment sessions for a more effective healing process. Each of these sessions would cost you an additional $200. Currently, there’s no health insurance policy that covers butt implants and one can only pay from their pockets. 

Buttocks implants Surgery safety and choosing a surgeon

Though buttock implants can have desirable results when done appropriately, the risks of cosmetic surgery going wrong are still present and this may result to medical, emotional and aesthetic scars. You need to know the aesthetic drugs that would be used beforehand, and whether your body has ever reacted to any of the ingredients found within them in the past. Doctors should also determine the most appropriate amount to be used lest the patient falls into a coma. Sedation medication is usually given through an artery in the patient’s body, this may make the patient feel relaxed, drowsy and partially awake. 

Though anesthetic complications are quite rare, about 1 in every 250,000 cosmetic surgery patients die because of sedation-related complications. Other less intense complications include vertigo, vomiting and nausea. To prevent such complications, patients should take time to freely discuss their medical history with the surgeon, preferably disclosing all the medications they have been consuming beforehand to see whether they can react in due course of surgery. Furthermore, smokers are advised to quit the habit for at least one month before the procedure begins, this is because toxic fumes released by cigarettes greatly increase the chances of incurring complications.

  • Bleeding and infectionsSome patients are at high risk of developing these anomalies than others. For instance, those suffering from terminal coronary or lung problems including diabetes should carefully assess all pros and cons before making the final decision. At times, surgeons may use nominally invasive surgical procedures to minimize the risks involved. Cosmetic surgeons are also supposed to monitor the patient’s vital body signs such as blood flow and heart rate during the entire surgical process.
  • Implant Rupture. Patients should have in mind that cosmetic surgery involves the use of synthetic butt implants which may burst if the process is done inappropriately, this may result to aesthetic disfigurement and fluid leakage. These anomalies may happen due to trauma, aging of the implants and manufacturing irregularities. Though these implants can easily be removed and interchanged with new ones, patients may be left with permanent indentations, dimples and disfigurements on their butts.
  •  Emotional scars. Even if the operation goes on perfectly, one may still experience adverse emotional reactions following the procedure. Psychological adjustment to body contours may take time and constant emotional care from family and friends are much welcomed. Some people have a particularly higher risk of post-operative emotional disturbances, they are those who have been diagnosed with depression, psychological trauma or anxiety disorders in the past. They need to discuss the condition with their respective surgeons before these operation begins, these specialists can provide free advice on how such patients can ease their post-operative recuperation process.

Before taking the butt implant surgery, patients should have a clear mental picture of the results that are likely to be obtained. However, most surgeons fail to provide patients with prior insight onto how they would look like after the process is compete. Some people wake up only to find their implants are too large, small or unnatural. Such reality-checks may be emotionally disturbing and that’s the reason why it’s important for patients to choose their surgeons carefully, one should carefully inquire about their medical education qualifications, board certifications and surgical training documentations. Patients can also request for before-and-after photos of patients that have undergone operation at the surgeon’s hand.

When looking for a good surgeon to perform the operation on you, always ensure that the medic meets all educational and practical requirements for his profession. In addition, look into the expert’s level of experience in butt implant surgery including the success rate of former patients. If the results are more positive than negative then that is probably a good surgeon, the opposite is also true.

Buttock Augmentation

  •  Fat transfer to buttocks 

This is where fat is removed from one part of the patient’s body and transferred to the buttocks. If you are planning to go through the micro-fat grafting procedure, prepare to spend anywhere between $12,000 and 18000. Rates also vary depending on overall amount of fat content obtained from the donor, this procedure is usually regarded as cosmetic and hence operational costs would not be covered by any health insurance company.

In most cases the fat donor area is around the stomach where excess fat is drawn out via liposuction. A small elastic pipe attached to a vacuum is usually inserted into the patient’s donor site via an incision, excess fat content would then be sucked out using this vacuum device. Nevertheless, the fresh fat cannot be used immediately since it’s still impure. A purification process would be required where a decanting machine is used to remove the impurities. Once it’s been cleaned the fat would be introduced beneath the patient’s butt skin area using a clean insertion device. This would help in re-sizing the buttocks by making them bigger and firmer.

Fat Transfer from Midsection to Buttocks – Dr…by sporemedical

  •  Buttocks injections

Butt injections consist of injectable hydrogel body fillers that can alter the focal area’s overall size, they can be used on any part of the butt including the upper, lower, middle buttock or outer thigh regions. As the name suggests, this substance consists of 95% pure water and 5% gel. During operation the surgeon starts by marking out the areas whereby this liquid will be inserted, including the exact entry points. This helps in attaining alignment and preventing the artificial butts from looking misconfigured. 

Nevertheless, for long-lasting results it’s advisable to avoid lying or sitting on the butts for around 3 weeks after operation. Prolonged sitting should also be prevented by the patient for the next 1-2 months. Furthermore, when going to sleep always ensure that you nap sideways and not on your back. This practice should preferably be done for the next one week. Afterwards, a girdle would be wrapped round the buttocks to offer support for the first few weeks when the place is still tender. 

The postoperative compression device doesn’t just provide protection but also speeds up the entire process, ensuring that one returns back to their daily routine within the shortest time possible. Painkillers can also help in alleviating post-surgical discomfort though they should be taken with great care, given that some patients can react to them. These precautionary measures would ensure that transported fatty cells used to correct butt size last for much longer, also note that the results aren’t instantaneous but would only be fully visible after 8-10 wks.

  • Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift process involves liposuction just like in buttock fat transfers. The only difference is that it can repeatedly be enhanced over time with frozen fat injections, as these insertions are continuously carried out the area would develop a steady blood supply and long-lasting results may soon be achieved. This procedure typically costs 8000-US$16000 in the US, though this is rather a rough estimate and it may vary from one state to another. The Brazilian butt lift procedure also has its own risks that patients should be aware of, for instance, roughly 30% of those who undertake it experience fat absorption within the first few weeks and this may affect the overall results. In such a scenario, the patient would have to undergo another grafting process to achieve the desirable results.

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