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Butt implants cost
Butt Injection

Butt implants cost

The average cost of taking a butt implant surgery is between 5000-$6500. However, the exact figure is variable and depends on factors such as where one is getting their operation from, the surgeon’s rates, pre-consultation costs, post-surgery medications and recovery management expenses. The material that was used to make your implant and its size also matters when calculating the overall butt implants cost.

What material is used and how does it affect pricing?

Butt implants are often made from solid pliable silicone matter, this is the same material used in augmenting chins but not artificial breasts. The cost of this substance varies depending on its level of purity, for instance a 100gms of 99% silicon used for buttock transplant would cost you $36. However, the same amount of 100% purity may be as much as $273. Moreover, the complexity of the patient’s case would determine which sewing techniques medics may apply to hold the silicone implants in place. Those who have adversely reacted to traces of this material before can still have them placed, but the surgeon would first install a protective layer between it and the patient’s butt tissues so that they don’t come into direct contact. Patients with such types of special needs would definitely pay their surgeons more to have the implants fixed.

During the first few days after operation, it would be appropriate to go for regular professional massage sessions so that the silicone transplants can take a proper round shape. This may cost 70-$120 though one will have to get masseuse severally. The patient also needs to find time for operation stitches to be clinically removed, this service may be free or cost an additional 20-$30 depending on the physician’s payment policies. Are you still wondering how much do butt implants cost? As seen above, the rates for having silicone inserts vary from one patient to another, it also depends by how well one maintains the material after surgery.

How does implant size affect cost?

Naturally, the larger the material used the more one should expect to pay. This goes hand in hand with the type of fabric that may have been blended with silicone to make your implants. Some of them make the end-product flexible enough to be stretched and fitted into any butt size, whether big or small. As such, patients planning to use special fabric blends may pay more per cubic centimeter compared to those applying standard silicone implants alone. Buttock transplant sizes vary from 190 to 700 cc though the most commonly used measurements are those that range between 375-565cc. Moreover, patients can request for special custom-size fittings which are available in limited edition, currently 350cc of this product costs anywhere between 3500-$5000.

Financing options 

The financing alternatives available for this surgical process may vary depending on the health institution where one is getting it from. Some may require a non-refundable down payment of up to $500 which excludes the total cosmetic surgery cost. Despite this, pre-consultation with a surgeon may be completely free in some hospitals. Apart from solid cash, payments for the cost of butt implants can also be made through cashier checks, recognized credit cards and credit union or bank loans. There are physicians who accept flexible monthly installments at no extra cost to the patient, this can be a great arrangement for those who can’t raise the entire amount in one go.

Nevertheless, before borrowing money from a financial institution for the purpose of butt augmentation, it’s advisable to assess your ability to repay it back or else you may end up in more financial problems. Remember that not all lending institutions provide financing for this type of surgery, they can claim that it’s aesthetic and not medical in nature as is required. Once you have identified a few willing lenders, compare and contrast their interest rates and choose the best loan that you will not struggle settling later on.

In most cases borrowers would be given a defined timeframe for making regular reimbursements of the loan, failure to which the lender may impose sanctions such as increase in the amount to be repaid by the debtor. Furthermore, take time to read through the online reviews of those who borrowed money before you from that particular institution, this would help you know how they generally treat their clients. If there are more positive than negative remarks then that is probably a good financier for your breast implant surgery, the opposite is also true. 

Butt Injection

What is hydrogel butt Injection?

Hydrogel is a cosmetic solution that consists of 97% fresh water and 3% polyacrylamide, the injection is often used by women who are interested in getting a rounded butt. This technique is also preferred as a safe and cost-effective alternative to the more intrusive plastic surgery. During treatment the solution would be injected in the most desired part as requested by the patient and this could be the upper, lower or middle buttock region. Unlike fat-based butt injections which have a permanent outcome on one’s body, hydrogel insertions can only last for 18 months after which the person would be required to take another dose. Though aesthetic hydrogel inoculations are illegal accord to U.S health laws, there are numerous underground practitioners who still perform the procedure to willing patients. You need to keenly weigh your options before signing up for this process, because when done incorrectly the results may be disastrous.

What steps are involved in hydrogel inoculation and how effective is the method

Before treatment ensues, the doctor usually consults with her patient to determine the parts that need enhancement. During this session one needs to bring out a clear picture of how they want to look like after the process is complete. Afterwards, the surgeon would request the patient to uncover as he prepares various tools needed for the procedure, including hydrogel solution and a small cannula for inserting it.

Once all equipment have been assembled, he would make a small incision beneath the skin where cannula would be placed and hydrogel spread above muscle tissues. After multiple hydrogel injections have been made, the surgeon would deeply massage the focal area and add considerable amounts of hydrogel solution above butt tissue muscles. This process is necessary for molding the area and preventing the formation of loose or wrinkled skin. 

Thereafter, a clean piece of compression bandage would be wrapped around the region and left to heal for some time. If performed by a competent surgeon, buttocks injections can create desirable results with no negative after-effects recorded thereafter. However, there’s always the risk of your solution not being up-to-mark, bacterial infections and other related health hazards that may occur if the surgeon isn’t qualified enough. To avoid such problems, it’s advisable to compare and contrast different medics before choosing the best one. Nevertheless, after treatment patients can take a few painkillers to numb the pain that would result after inoculation.

Cost of the process 

Compared to other buttock augmentation procedures such as fat injections, hydrogel boosters are much more affordable though the overall cost depends on factors such as the exact area of treatment, amount of solution required and where one is receiving their treatment from. 1 cubic centimeter of hydrogel may range anywhere between 40-$60, however one may need to inject several CCs in order to achieve the desired goal. 

Side effects of hydrogel injections

Since this solution is often sold ‘off-market’ and isn’t recognized by relevant health bureaus, users are prone to various risk factors such as nausea and appetite loss. Patients also need to be wary of adverse bodily reactions like muscle weakness, weight loss and drop in heart rate. If any of these conditions arise during or after treatment then contact your medic for immediate assistance. Some people may experience permanent butt scarring and unattractive stretch marks, others also suffer from nerve damage caused by oversensitivity of the affected part coupled by unregulated use of the solution. Note that this nerve complication may result in paralysis or even death of the affected person. That’s why people are advised to think very hard before undertaking this procedure.

About butt fat injections 

Butt fat injections occur when excess lipid content is removed from one part of the body using liposuction, and then transferred to the buttocks so as to make them firm and shapely. There are 3 unique forms of liposuction which include the standard suction, ultrasonic and power-assisted methods. Though the technology used may be different all of them accomplish more or less the same results. 

Once donor fat is removed from the thigh and waist regions, the medic would refine it using a set of special purification apparatus so as to ensure that only the most eligible content is transferred to your butt. The surgeon would then inject clean lipid content into strategic positions around the focal area to ensure that there’s even distribution of fat for round, natural-looking curves. Fat transfer to buttocks is only recommendable for those who have passed the adolescence stage, the average surgery time is 1-2hrs though clinical stay may extend for up to 48hrs. Moreover, surgical scars are almost imperceptible since they tend to occur between the butts. 

What to expect from liposuction and fat transfer to the butts

Prior to the fat transfer process, the surgeon may hold a small discussion with you to answer any questions that may be bothering your mind such as recovery time. Generally, patients should rest for a minimum of 2 weeks following injection so as to avoid damaging the still fresh incisions. One can also expect some weeks of post-surgical lesion, though this would quickly heal and give way to an improved body figure with long-lasting results.

Safety concerns
What are butt injections
When butt injection is performed by a well-trained and qualified medic on an equally healthy patient, then the process should be considerably safe. Nevertheless, the ASPS or American Society Of Plastic Surgeons recommends that when performing liposuction on outpatient basis then no more than 5 liters of lipid should be extracted for inoculation. 

This procedure should not be used for the sole purpose of improving or reshaping overstretched skin, for such patients a surgical tummy tuck would be more appropriate. In addition, one is expected not to engage in any form of exercise for up to 6 weeks so that recovery can go on smoothly. Butt injections should only be considered for cosmetic contouring and not weight-loss, oftentimes a patient may lose weight from liposuction though this shouldn’t be the main reason for undertaking the process. To fast-track the healing process you should consider taking fruits, vegetables and lots of milk. They contain essential nutrients that can replenish the body and improve blood circulation to the affected areas. There are many areas of the body where fat can be obtained for butt injection though the safest and most popular sites are the thigh and abdomen regions. 

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