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Nicki Minaj Butt Implants
Butt Implant Surgery
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Fat transfer to buttock

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants

Butt implants have gained a lot of popularity as women and men looks for ways to enhance their bodies. A great looking butt is has become an asset especially for women who want to show off their curves in fitting outfits. The implants contour your booty and make it fuller. They are made of silicone and this gives them a soft and natural feel. The surgery takes about two hours and recovery is within 7 days. Several celebrities have been rumored to have butt implants. Nicki Minaj butt implants has received a lot of attention since she came into the limelight. She has one of the most astounding butts in the music industry. Minaj shows off her amazing butt in tight fitting clothes. The naturalness of her booty has been questioned just like other bootylicious celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Admits Butt Enhancement

There were been rumors that her butt is not real especially after some of her old pictures appeared in different magazines. The pictures clearly show that her butt was smaller when she was younger. Nicki MInaj was a guest lyricist in Big Sean’s “Dance” and she joked about rumors that she has butt implants. In the song, she actually admits to enhancing her butt. According to Rollingout, has no problem with all the attention her butt is getting from the public. In an interview with DJ Funkmaster Flex, Minaj says she does not mind the fascination and questions about her backside. She believes it does not define her. Her reality star friend, Coco has also revealed that Nicki Minaj’s butt is not real.

According to TMZ,  photos taken in a Baltimore club a few years ago reveal that she has had some work done. There has been a drastic change in the shape and size of her booty and this has fuelled the rumors about Nicki Minaj’s butt implants. However, some of her fans continue to believe that her booty is real. The change in butt shape and size has been good for Nicki. It would have been difficult to recognize her in the club or on a stage with the flat butt she had before the surgery. She is petite and it is easy for her to get lost in a crowd. This has changed and her butt now seems to have taken center stage.

It would have been difficult to tell if she has had implants if the pictures were not published. Nicki Minaj butt implants actually look normal to anyone who has not seen the old pictures. Her implants have worked for her in many ways including:

· Confidence

She seems to have a lot more confidence now that her body is enhanced. Nicki is comfortable showing off her body in revealing outfits because she knows she looks great. A flat butt would not look as appealing in the clothes she wears right now. When you look good and people take notice, your attitude also improves. She has more confidence now. Her confidence has allowed her to work with some of the renowned male rappers. Her talent definitely got her there but Nicki Minaj butt implants also played an important role.

· Attention

Her butt implants have actually helped her to get a lot more attention from the public. This is great for a rapper who is trying to remain relevant in a competitive industry. The implants make her look better. She has more presence now. Upcoming rappers have to find something that makes them stand out from the rest. Nicki Minaj realized that a bigger booty would work to her advantage and she got the implants. Butt implants are becoming common and although they are costly, the enhancement can make a huge difference like in Nicki Minaj’s case. Her butt looks amazing and women who have flat rears can now consider plastic surgery to get that amazing shape and size.

· Career Opportunities

Nicki has worked hard to get recognition in the rap industry. It has taken her many years and a change in appearance may have been the secret to her success. She has achieved her dream and now collaborates with the leading rappers in the world. Nicki has achieved a lot of success as a rapper and she might even end up being the most successful. She has made this possible by taking advantage of the opportunities available to her. Her ass may have been flat when she started out but she found a way to get people to notice her.

· Improved Image

Image is very important in the rap industry. Nicki Minaj is talented even without the butt implants but her amazing booty has opened up several opportunities. People want to associate with great and unique things. Nicki Minaj’s butt implants made her more popular. She has gained fans who were initially mesmerized by her big butt but they now realize that she is a great rapper. Nicki Minaj butt implants have made this possible. Big booty draws attention. Nicki Minaj butt implants have been the focus of conversation since pictures of her as a teenager were published. This has made her more popular and definitely increased her album sales.

· Larger Audience

Men are captivated by huge butts and this is evident in the numbers who turn up at Nicki Minaj’s concerts. Some people want to see the Nicki Minaj butt implants in person while others are there to enjoy the music. It does not matter why they attend as long as her concerts are filled to capacity. The butt implants are working for her. She is earning more money than she spent to get the implants. Her popularity is also great for endorsements. Companies that are looking for a famous rapper to endorse their products are more likely to use Nicki Minaj because she is always in featured in media stories.

Nicki Minaj butt implants may have led to some negative comments but they have had a positive impact on her popularity. It would have been difficult to for her to get the kind of media attention she is receiving at the moment a few years ago. Her fans love her witty lyrics and the big butt just completes the package.


Butt Implant Surgery

Butt Implant surgery an intramuscular, cosmetic clinical operation aimed at reshaping and enhancing the patient’s gluteal buttock region. Surgeons use synthetic transplants that are made from biocompatible, flexible and non-leaking elastomer material. The procedure is often carried out under mild anesthesia which helps in calming down the pain that’s usually experienced when an incision is made on fascia muscles. Thereafter, medics would make a 4-inch cut in between the butt cheeks where implants would then be placed. This area is particularly selected by physicians since it gives a natural and rounded appearance to the buttocks. Once butt implant surgery is complete, doctors would ensure that the area remains symmetrical by recommending massage and also ensuring that surgical incisions or scars aren’t visible. Operation takes between 2-3hrs though painkillers may be administered several days later to manage postoperative pain.

Butt Implant Surgery Video – Warning Graphic 

How many techniques are available? 

There are 3 main surgical methods involved in butt implants placement. It all depends on where the incision is made and whether the implant would be fitted above or beneath the gluteal muscles. 

  • A surgical cut can be made at the top-edge of a patient’s upper butt region on both sides. Even though operational scars can easily be hidden inside the woman’s bikini or undergarment, most women don’t prefer this technique since it involves two separate incisions.
  • Alternatively, surgical openings may be done towards the bottom edge of one’s gluteal creases where the buttocks meet with thigh muscles. This technique also leaves the patient with two side scars that are quite conspicuous.
  • In the last option, an incision can be placed right down a patient’s central sacrum area. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the vertical slit measures around 4-6 cm and extends down to the butt crease. Most surgeons recommend this technique since it’s well-concealed and nobody can know that you actually underwent surgery. In addition, patients would only get one scar unlike the other alternatives where there are several marks present after surgery. The only setback is that one suffers a higher risk of bacterial infection, though this can easily be treated with mild antibiotics or antiseptic.

Here are several options for placement of the Butt implant. However, it is best to consult with a professional to find all the possible implants placement.

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Step-by-Step procedure 

  • The surgeon would first arrange for a meeting with his patient to discuss all possible outcomes and risks involved. Those suffering from allergic reactions or any other underlying medical condition would have to raise such issues with their medic before surgery commences, some people may react to anesthesia, painkillers or aftercare medications and should therefore receive special attention while undergoing operation. In addition, an appropriate time for performing the operation shall be scheduled in consultation with the patient.
  • Once the patient is mentally prepared for buttock implant augmentation, the doctor would assemble and prepare all equipment that would be required to perform surgery successfully. These include clinical scissors, scalpels, blood vessel clamps, dilators and the operation table just to mention a few. Moreover, all tools that would be used to make incisions would be sterilized beforehand for avoiding infection.
  • Once the patient reports for operation she would be given sleeping drugs, and when unconscious, surgical markings would be made on the focal area in preparation for placing the butt implants.
  • Thereafter intramuscular operation would commence, the surgeon would slice open the marked areas and delicately insert transplants into their respective positions. According to Beauty World News, if this stage is completed successfully, the buttock would be stitched back into place and gluteal muscles gently massaged to remove cramping and foster blood circulation.
  • The patient is expected to wake up from her induced sedated state about 30min after surgery, soon afterwards painkillers would be administered under the doctor’s watch to reduce aching. Nevertheless, one would not be discharged from hospital till all wounds are confirmed to have healed.

Post-surgery safety concerns 

Patients are advised to avoid sitting for extended periods of time a few days after undergoing operation, this may make the insertions become weak and fall out of place. Additionally, one should refrain from engaging in rigorous exercises that involve lots of jumping and sweating since these activities hamper the recovery process. It’s best to do them only after full recovery is achieved, and this may vary from one person to another based on the strength of their immunity system. When sleeping at night, patients should avoid lying on their backs for at least the next 2 weeks, this exerts unnecessary pressure on the butt implants thus making them to lose their suppleness and elasticity.

Are butt implants reversible

Butt implants are reversible. The implants, which are usually made of solid silicone, can be removed. The silicone implants are not permanent. According to the Telegraph, they are inserted between the butt muscle and bones. The implants can be placed over, under or inside the muscles.

You have to go undergo surgery to have the implants removed. An incision is made to access the fold under the butt cheeks to remove the implants. Scarring is one of the main concerns for patients who go through the reversal. The overlying skin and muscles can stretch out once they are removed. However, this depends on the size of your implants. If the implants are small and the augmentation is reversed a short time after the initial surgery, the outcome is more likely to be good. Large implants pose a challenge because you can end up with a depressed butt after the procedure.

The shape of your butt changes when you lose or put on weight. When the butt implants are reversed, after a long time, there may be a lot of excess skin and this can change your appearance. You may require some cosmetic surgery to correct this. The reversal surgery can give you great results if you have a well toned butt. According to the Huffington Post, butt implant surgeries have been on the rise. The fact that they are reversible makes them a popular option for people who want to change their physical appearance.

Patients who intend to go through a reversal surgery should expect the shape of their butt to change. It is difficult to get the shape you had before the augmentation was carried out. Your butt can become less firm.

To reverse the butt implants, a surgeon will make incision that is about 1 inch under your butt fold. The incision will be on the same area that was used to insert the implants during your first surgery. The surgeon will locate the implant and remove it. The incisions will be closed and you may have to stay in hospital for a few days. This may also be a good time to have cosmetic surgery to tighten any stretched skin.

The recovery time varies depending on the individual patient but you should be able to sit and sleep on your butt within a few weeks. It is advisable to plan for incapacity during the recovery period. There are minimal risks associated with the reversal surgery but the post-op care you receive will determine the length of your recovery and outcome. This is a major surgery and you should be well prepared but the recovery takes less time compared to the augmentation.

Once the reversal is complete you can engage in low intensity activity after a couple of weeks. The stitches will be removed after about two weeks. It may take some additional weeks to assess the form of your butt.

Butt implants help to improve your general appearance but it may be necessary to reverse the process if they shift or you are unhappy about the outcome. The reversal is possible but you should be prepared for a significant change. A qualified surgeon will remove the implants with ease. The surgeon you choose should be:

· Certified

· Experienced

· Willing to discuss expected outcomes


Fat transfer to buttock

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Fat transfer to buttock which may also be known as a brazilian buttlift. In this procedure, a portion of the patient’s fat content is extracted from the thigh or abdomen region and injected into her own bottom, thus resulting to a fuller and more aesthetically appealing behind. This intravenous technique currently stands as the most effective butt augmentation process available. Since clients use their own lipids, the chances of infection or rejection by the body are greatly reduced. One should take time to find the best medic who would perform the fat transfer to buttocks procedure with expertise, so as to ensure less downtime and faster recovery. 

Doctor gives great information on fat transfer to buttocks

How to find a doctor

1. To get the most qualified physicians in your locality, start by contacting the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They have a list of active medical practitioners found in different geographical areas. It’s even better to visit their official website and enter your post-code, you would be given the names of all medics offering this service. Find out which one of them is more experienced and has a good reputation amongst peers and former patients alike.

2. Contact the healthcare department of your insurance provider, they should have a list of doctors in the neighborhood and their fields of specialty. 

3. Talk to friends, family, or neighbors about local doctors that they have used before, compare their experiences and make an informed decision based on factors such as pricing, type of equipment used and aftercare assistance if there’s any. 

4. Request for a referral from any physician you have consulted with before, doctors usually network with other professionals in the field and if he doesn’t offer this service then most probably he knows someone who does. 

5. Visit your nearest clinic and request for information about the medics who operate there. Basic details should readily be available. You can also obtain information on their areas of practice including whether they are board approved. 

6. Contact registered medical associations, organizations or groups for referrals on doctors that have been endorsed by either of them. 

Fat transfer to buttocks cost

The average cost of this procedure is between $7500 and $15000. However, the exact rate depends on how long the process would take and where one is getting it from. Other factors that may affect pricing include the individual surgeon’s fee, medications and hospital stay duration. The amount of fat to be injected and technique used also determines the overall amount that would be paid. Most insurance firms don’t provide financing for cosmetic surgery, as such one would have to dig deep into their own pockets to raise the necessary amount. Nevertheless, if you have registered with a private healthcare institution then ask them if they offer this service under their portfolio. 

Moreover, those who want to undertake the procedure can consider taking a loan from reputable financial institutions, some of them may be willing to lend money so long as the borrower shows proof that they can pay it back, such as a salary slip. The patient also needs to take into account post-surgery care costs, for instance one may need to go for regular massage of the local area to help ease unnecessary cramping. You can also discuss with your hospital’s management staff or surgeon on various financing options that exist, some of them allow clients to pay in manageable monthly installments.  There are plenty of financing options Such as – or  But be very careful and do detailed research if you are going to choose these options, check the fine print like the interest rate. Here is more information on how to pay for your butt implants. 

The Surgery Procedure

Prior to treatment, the doctor and patient would meet to discuss possible outcomes of the cosmetic intervention including all risks involved. A practical surgery plan would also be arranged to provide each client with ideal results that match their specific aesthetic goals and body type. Thereafter, fat would be extracted from an identified donor site and transferred into the buttocks. The patient would then be given some general anesthesia to ease any pain that may be felt, immediately after extraction lipid content would be injected in-between respective butt muscles. The client’s upper butt quadrant is usually the one that’s filled with lipid so that it can appear raised and perky. 

Nevertheless, some medics use micro-droplet technique where fat is deposited into different positions on the patient’s rear. This is intended to prevent the formation of uneven lumps of fat and give a smoother more refined look to the butts. Human fat typically contains stem cells and collagen which help in retaining their rounded shape. Postoperative care is also important, one is advised not to sit for very long hours after injection since the fresh fat content can smear and lose shape. Also avoid engaging in rigorous exercises within the first 2 weeks since it causes sweating and extraction of lipids from the skin. Your doctor would provide a postoperative regimen that should be followed for the best results possible. 


Patients with blood-related disorders such as clotting difficulties should raise the issue with their physician before the process begins. This is because some bleeding may occur during injection, and if proper measures aren’t taken to stop it then the condition may jeopardize the entire process. In addition, about 30% of patients experience substantial fat absorption where lipid is assimilated back into the body. To avoid this, clients can request their medic to purify the fat content before injection so as to maximize survival and prevent it from being assimilated into the bloodstream. 

Furthermore, some slight swelling may occur on the affected part a few days after treatment as the surgical wounds continue healing. Under the doctor’s advice one can apply cold compresses on the affected parts to reduce inflammation. Occasionally, the grafted tissue may take an unusual shape especially during the first few days after treatment. To prevent this from happening one should enlist a professional to gently rub the focal area so that the butt can retain a symmetrical shape. Avoid doing this on your own or using someone who’s not trained as it may further aggravate the situation. Though rarely experienced, some patients may suffer from scarring either on the part where fat is extracted from or the buttocks where it’s injected.  Nonetheless, there are various medical ointments that can be applied to keep the skin supple and free from scars. Before using any of these substances, consult with your doctor to find out if you are allergic to any of the ingredients found within.

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