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Fat transfer to buttock
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Fat transfer to buttock

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Fat transfer to buttock which may also be known as a brazilian buttlift. In this procedure, a portion of the patient’s fat content is extracted from the thigh or abdomen region and injected into her own bottom, thus resulting to a fuller and more aesthetically appealing behind. This intravenous technique currently stands as the most effective butt augmentation process available. Since clients use their own lipids, the chances of infection or rejection by the body are greatly reduced. One should take time to find the best medic who would perform the fat transfer to buttocks procedure with expertise, so as to ensure less downtime and faster recovery. 

Doctor gives great information on fat transfer to buttocks

How to find a doctor

1. To get the most qualified physicians in your locality, start by contacting the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They have a list of active medical practitioners found in different geographical areas. It’s even better to visit their official website and enter your post-code, you would be given the names of all medics offering this service. Find out which one of them is more experienced and has a good reputation amongst peers and former patients alike.

2. Contact the healthcare department of your insurance provider, they should have a list of doctors in the neighborhood and their fields of specialty. 

3. Talk to friends, family, or neighbors about local doctors that they have used before, compare their experiences and make an informed decision based on factors such as pricing, type of equipment used and aftercare assistance if there’s any. 

4. Request for a referral from any physician you have consulted with before, doctors usually network with other professionals in the field and if he doesn’t offer this service then most probably he knows someone who does. 

5. Visit your nearest clinic and request for information about the medics who operate there. Basic details should readily be available. You can also obtain information on their areas of practice including whether they are board approved. 

6. Contact registered medical associations, organizations or groups for referrals on doctors that have been endorsed by either of them. 

Fat transfer to buttocks cost

The average cost of this procedure is between $7500 and $15000. However, the exact rate depends on how long the process would take and where one is getting it from. Other factors that may affect pricing include the individual surgeon’s fee, medications and hospital stay duration. The amount of fat to be injected and technique used also determines the overall amount that would be paid. Most insurance firms don’t provide financing for cosmetic surgery, as such one would have to dig deep into their own pockets to raise the necessary amount. Nevertheless, if you have registered with a private healthcare institution then ask them if they offer this service under their portfolio. 

Moreover, those who want to undertake the procedure can consider taking a loan from reputable financial institutions, some of them may be willing to lend money so long as the borrower shows proof that they can pay it back, such as a salary slip. The patient also needs to take into account post-surgery care costs, for instance one may need to go for regular massage of the local area to help ease unnecessary cramping. You can also discuss with your hospital’s management staff or surgeon on various financing options that exist, some of them allow clients to pay in manageable monthly installments.  There are plenty of financing options Such as – carecredit.com or cosmeticredit.com  But be very careful and do detailed research if you are going to choose these options, check the fine print like the interest rate. Here is more information on how to pay for your butt implants. 

The Surgery Procedure

Prior to treatment, the doctor and patient would meet to discuss possible outcomes of the cosmetic intervention including all risks involved. A practical surgery plan would also be arranged to provide each client with ideal results that match their specific aesthetic goals and body type. Thereafter, fat would be extracted from an identified donor site and transferred into the buttocks. The patient would then be given some general anesthesia to ease any pain that may be felt, immediately after extraction lipid content would be injected in-between respective butt muscles. The client’s upper butt quadrant is usually the one that’s filled with lipid so that it can appear raised and perky. 

Nevertheless, some medics use micro-droplet technique where fat is deposited into different positions on the patient’s rear. This is intended to prevent the formation of uneven lumps of fat and give a smoother more refined look to the butts. Human fat typically contains stem cells and collagen which help in retaining their rounded shape. Postoperative care is also important, one is advised not to sit for very long hours after injection since the fresh fat content can smear and lose shape. Also avoid engaging in rigorous exercises within the first 2 weeks since it causes sweating and extraction of lipids from the skin. Your doctor would provide a postoperative regimen that should be followed for the best results possible. 


Patients with blood-related disorders such as clotting difficulties should raise the issue with their physician before the process begins. This is because some bleeding may occur during injection, and if proper measures aren’t taken to stop it then the condition may jeopardize the entire process. In addition, about 30% of patients experience substantial fat absorption where lipid is assimilated back into the body. To avoid this, clients can request their medic to purify the fat content before injection so as to maximize survival and prevent it from being assimilated into the bloodstream. 

Furthermore, some slight swelling may occur on the affected part a few days after treatment as the surgical wounds continue healing. Under the doctor’s advice one can apply cold compresses on the affected parts to reduce inflammation. Occasionally, the grafted tissue may take an unusual shape especially during the first few days after treatment. To prevent this from happening one should enlist a professional to gently rub the focal area so that the butt can retain a symmetrical shape. Avoid doing this on your own or using someone who’s not trained as it may further aggravate the situation. Though rarely experienced, some patients may suffer from scarring either on the part where fat is extracted from or the buttocks where it’s injected.  Nonetheless, there are various medical ointments that can be applied to keep the skin supple and free from scars. Before using any of these substances, consult with your doctor to find out if you are allergic to any of the ingredients found within.

Butt implants cost

The average cost of taking a butt implant surgery is between 5000-$6500. However, the exact figure is variable and depends on factors such as where one is getting their operation from, the surgeon’s rates, pre-consultation costs, post-surgery medications and recovery management expenses. The material that was used to make your implant and its size also matters when calculating the overall butt implants cost.

What material is used and how does it affect pricing?

Butt implants are often made from solid pliable silicone matter, this is the same material used in augmenting chins but not artificial breasts. The cost of this substance varies depending on its level of purity, for instance a 100gms of 99% silicon used for buttock transplant would cost you $36. However, the same amount of 100% purity may be as much as $273. Moreover, the complexity of the patient’s case would determine which sewing techniques medics may apply to hold the silicone implants in place. Those who have adversely reacted to traces of this material before can still have them placed, but the surgeon would first install a protective layer between it and the patient’s butt tissues so that they don’t come into direct contact. Patients with such types of special needs would definitely pay their surgeons more to have the implants fixed.

During the first few days after operation, it would be appropriate to go for regular professional massage sessions so that the silicone transplants can take a proper round shape. This may cost 70-$120 though one will have to get masseuse severally. The patient also needs to find time for operation stitches to be clinically removed, this service may be free or cost an additional 20-$30 depending on the physician’s payment policies. Are you still wondering how much do butt implants cost? As seen above, the rates for having silicone inserts vary from one patient to another, it also depends by how well one maintains the material after surgery.

How does implant size affect cost?

Naturally, the larger the material used the more one should expect to pay. This goes hand in hand with the type of fabric that may have been blended with silicone to make your implants. Some of them make the end-product flexible enough to be stretched and fitted into any butt size, whether big or small. As such, patients planning to use special fabric blends may pay more per cubic centimeter compared to those applying standard silicone implants alone. Buttock transplant sizes vary from 190 to 700 cc though the most commonly used measurements are those that range between 375-565cc. Moreover, patients can request for special custom-size fittings which are available in limited edition, currently 350cc of this product costs anywhere between 3500-$5000.

Financing options 

The financing alternatives available for this surgical process may vary depending on the health institution where one is getting it from. Some may require a non-refundable down payment of up to $500 which excludes the total cosmetic surgery cost. Despite this, pre-consultation with a surgeon may be completely free in some hospitals. Apart from solid cash, payments for the cost of butt implants can also be made through cashier checks, recognized credit cards and credit union or bank loans. There are physicians who accept flexible monthly installments at no extra cost to the patient, this can be a great arrangement for those who can’t raise the entire amount in one go.

Nevertheless, before borrowing money from a financial institution for the purpose of butt augmentation, it’s advisable to assess your ability to repay it back or else you may end up in more financial problems. Remember that not all lending institutions provide financing for this type of surgery, they can claim that it’s aesthetic and not medical in nature as is required. Once you have identified a few willing lenders, compare and contrast their interest rates and choose the best loan that you will not struggle settling later on.

In most cases borrowers would be given a defined timeframe for making regular reimbursements of the loan, failure to which the lender may impose sanctions such as increase in the amount to be repaid by the debtor. Furthermore, take time to read through the online reviews of those who borrowed money before you from that particular institution, this would help you know how they generally treat their clients. If there are more positive than negative remarks then that is probably a good financier for your breast implant surgery, the opposite is also true. 

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